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Before You Go

Here at Scarlet Oaks Estate, our mission is to help create a memorable

and easy-going, Wedding day for all of our couples! 

Before your big day, please take note of the following responsibilities you will have after your special day has concluded. Please feel free to reference back to this list as often as you need.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Let's Get You "Checked Out"!

The following check-list will be your responsibility to complete prior to check-out on your wedding day, and/or after your over-night visit.


Please place ALL trash from EACH trash can, on property & in home, in the dumpster located next to the barn.


Please strip any & all beds that were slept in, as well as any and all towels that were used, inside of the washer.


Please load & run the dishwasher with ALL used dishes during your stay.


Please turn off ALL lights, ceiling fans, and electronics within the home. If you adjusted the thermostat, please return it to it's original setting (Summer: AC - 74/Heat - 66)

Do not worry about turning off any outdoor lighting.


Please check that all windows are CLOSED & LOCKED. Please close and lock all doors, as well.

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